Interim Executive Services

This is the best service for you if you are interested in the biggest impact in the fastest time. I will find opportunities and implement solutions to improve your financial, production, supply chain, sales, human resources, billing, accounts receivable, IT, management, and leadership processes. This also includes executive and sales coaching for you and appropriate members of your team. Here are some results you can expect:

- Improved scalability (ability for the business to handle growth)
- Improved sustainability (reduced reliance on key people or vendors)
- Better metrics and oversight / management of operations
- Improved insight and management into financial operations
- Improved sales operations
- Improved marketing / business development
- Improved morale and teamwork
- Better quality of life for CEO (more time / more money)
- Increased business value

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The Growth Coach®’s strategic-focusing process is designed to help our clients create effective organizations. All of our programs are effective because we help you work on your business; we don’t try to turn you into superman or superwoman. Click the link below to learn more.
From small businesses to large organizations, Ingar leverages his experience and The Growth Coach® Strategic Mindset® process to help organizations create and implement effective business strategies. Contact Ingar to discuss your needs.

Strategic Consulting

Business, Executive, and Sales Coaching

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“Ingar Grev provided a common sense approach session on Strategic Selling to our sales team.  This approach, which uses the READ process (relate, establish the need, advance a tailored solution, and develop a commitment), has been one integral reason why our sales team has produced results that are outpacing our industry.  Ingar’s energetic, engaging, and dynamic style keeps the audience on their toes and will enable your team to look at opportunities in a refreshing and productive way.”

Darrell K. Wilson

Chesapeake Utilities, Inc.

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